The UK’s first clear aligner mint that seats your aligners - Breathe With Confidence.


Are you tired of using tasteless foam to seat your aligners? StarMintz are the UK's first clear aligner mint that seats your aligners whilst giving you minty fresh breath.

StarMintz are compatible with all aligners, including:

Watch Our Animation

Our animation describes what StarMintz are, what they do and how they work. Our mints are helping many people around the UK to improve their aligner experience.

  • Step 1

    Insert the mint into your mouth and align the indents of the star with your teeth.

  • Step 2

    Apply gentle pressure to the mint to disperse any air trapped in the aligners.

  • Step 3

    Move the mint and repeat the process to ensure that your aligners are fully seated.

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There are so many advantages to StarMintz over chewies. Our mints don't just freshen your breath, they also stop dry mouth and are a lot more hygienic than chewies! Don't hesitate to try them for yourselves!

Why StarMintz?

Unlike other sugar-free mints that typically contain around 5-7 ingredients, StarMintz stands out as the epitome of purity with its remarkable formulation. With just four thoughtfully chosen ingredients, our mints deliver a refreshingly simple and natural experience, setting a new standard for uncompromising quality.

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Our StarMintz subscription is the best way to stay stocked up and never worry about your breath.

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Breathe with confidence

  • Brandon Bloice

    "I hope you enjoy using our product in your aligner routine. I'm confident that StarMintz will enhance your aligner experience and assist you in achieving your dream smile."

  • Linford Dash

    "I never got this option when I had my treatment. I only had the plastic chewies that were so unhygienic. Everyone should feel they can breathe with confidence"

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