Invisalign Tips To Get Through Your Clear Aligner Journey

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There are many challenges when it comes to your Invisalign journey. In this blog, I'll be sharing Invisalign Tips and tricks to make your experience as smooth and effective as possible. Whether you're just starting your treatment or a seasoned Invisalign user looking for expert advice, this is the right place for you. Here are some Invisalign Tips for your journey, coming from an experienced Invisalign user.

Keep Your Aligners Clean!

One of the most important factors to a successful Invisalign Journey is keeping your aligners clean! It sounds obvious but is often neglected by Invisalign users. But why is this so important? Cleaning your aligner trays is essential for a number of reasons. When you take your aligners out, trapped food particles and bacteria from your mouth stick to the trays. When you reinsert your trays, this bacteria sits against your teeth which can cause tooth decay.

Stop Your Clear Aligners From Staining

When your aligners are not regularly cleaned, it can cause your trays to turn yellow. As you wear your aligners, they come into contact with the bacteria naturally present in your mouth. Over time, the bacteria forms a biofilm or a thin layer of microbial growth on the aligners. The by-products of these bacteria can lead to yellowing. An easy way to clean your Invisalign trays is by using the Dental pod. The Dental pod uses high-frequency 42,000 hz ultrasonic waves to vibrate the solution and produce millions of nano-scale bubbles. These bubbles rapidly expand and collapse, releasing a large amount of energy, continuously scouring the grime, bacteria and plaque while being non abrasive to your dental appliance.

Stop Bad Breath!

The build up of food particles can multiply, which can result in bad breath. During your clear aligner journey, you may experience something called dry mouth. Dry mouth reduces the flow of saliva, which plays a crucial role in rinsing away bacteria and food particles. When the bacteria is not getting rinsed away from saliva, it can result in bad breath.

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Keep Your Old Aligners


This is a tip that most other blogs about Invisalign Tips will not mention! It's good practice to keep your old aligner trays when you have moved onto your next set. What's the reason for this? If you were to lose or damage your current set of aligners, the old set can be used to stop progress from being delayed while you receive a new set from your orthodontist. If you stop wearing your aligners for too long, your teeth will start to move back to their original position and when you finally insert your aligners, you can experience a lot of pain and tightness.

Drink Water!


Other than general health benefits, drinking plenty of water is great for your Invisalign journey. When you drink water, it rinses your mouth and washes away loose food particles. Drinking water can also help with irritation as it can help to reduce friction between your aligners and your teeth. When you are hydrated, you produce more saliva which is important for reducing bacteria in your mouth. Make sure you're drinking water and staying hydrated. 

Remove Your Aligners When Eating

Can you eat while wearing Invisalign? When you eat food with Invisalign, food can get stuck between the aligners and your teeth. This becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and can cause unwanted cavities and bad breath. Always remove your aligners before you eat to keep your aligners clean and in good condition. For more information on why it's important to remove your aligners before eating, CLICK HERE.

Use Your Invisalign Case

It is recommended that you wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours each day. When you take them out for meals and snacks, it's important to protect them. Placing your aligners on your desk or any other surface can be unclean so having your case gives you a clean, hygienic place to store them. We recommend that you carry a case with you at all times.

Manage Discomfort

One of the best Invisalign Tips for limiting discomfort is to switch trays at night time, just before you go to bed. This way you can sleep through the initial pain of switching aligners and wake up to your new aligners being settled in!

Conclusion - Invisalign Tips

We hope that these Invisalign Tips will allow you to have a smooth aligner experience. Make sure to stay motivated and keep going! Think about the end result and how good your teeth will look at the end of the process. We hope that using these Invisalign tips will allow you can achieve your dream smile.

Brandon Blocie

Brandon Bloice

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